Well, The Election is Over

I know that many of you have shared with me that you are glad that the election is over. Whatever your political leanings, we are all hopefull that there will be some continued progress with the economy. I will say, that since November 6th, we have written two contracts for custom homes to be built "right away" to quote our clients and have a third in the works.

Keep a couple of things in mind as you think about the future and your potential plans to build.

  1. Construction costs have been at all time lows until the summer of this year when they jumped sharply. We are already being notified that come January 1, we can expect additional increases.
  2. Interest rates continue to hold at all time lows, but ..... history would tell us that inflation is on the horizon. The question is, when will it begin. When inflation starts to kick in, look for interest rates to rise sharply. Don't forget this very important fact about your potential new home loan, it is not the interest rate that is in place when you start construction that you should be concerned with, it is the one that will be in place when your home is finished ..... this will be the rate on your permanent loan.
  3. From an investment standpoint, history would again tell us that now is the time to build.

Think about it. Let us know how we can help you. Our fixed price contracts insure that you have minimul risk on the cost of the home .... but the sooner you start, the less risk.