We've Been Busy!

Our apologies for not keeping everyone abreast of the latest happenings with MorningStar, but it was for a good reason. With the warm weather and some "trickles" of good news about the economy ... we have seen a marked increase in traffic at our new sales center in the Briar Chapel community. The result has been two recent sales, both of whom wanted to get started on thier new home as soon as possible. So, we have been hunkered down working on making that happen and it has been at the expense of keeping our news updated. Hopefully you will understand.

We now have 3 "pre-sales" under construction in Briar Chapel and will be posting some pictures in the next couple of weeks. But don't wait for that! Come on out and visit us and see for yourself why Briar Chapel is a booming community.

Don't forget that the Green Home tour is in the month of May and it would be great to see you stop by.

For more information about Briar Chapel, click here:   BRIAR CHAPEL PRODUCT

For more information about the Green Home tour, click here:    GREEN HOME TOUR OF THE TRIANGLE


Have a great day!

John, Steve and Cathy