Turning The Lights On

We turned on the electricity at our City of Durham build and it is really starting to look finished...almost. It is always so exciting when the lights come on and you can see what the home will look and feel like in the evenings and at night.

Seeing it in the daylight will make you believe that the end is near, but seeing it at night with lights on for the first time is a completely different experience. There is something about seeing a house at night that makes it feel lived in and "homey". Maybe it is because the lights have been turned on, which is the first thing everyone does when they come home from work each day.

Whatever the reason for the "homey" feeling brought on by the lights, it is another small step in the final stages of this build and we can't wait for our clients to see it in person for the first time at night.

See more of this build project here: City of Durham Custom Home.