Sad Week For John and Barbara


Last week was a rough week for John and Barbara as they said goodbye to their dog, Waldo, Thursday evening.  Waldo was the best dog.  Originally named because we thought it would be cute when they asked, "Where's Waldo?", every time he went to the vet, the question quickly defined the life of the mischievous little dog, causing us to ask, "Where's Waldo?", every 5 minutes.  Little dogs sound like a great idea until you are searching your closets and under chairs for a sleeping dog ;).


Half Maltese and half Cairn Terrier made for a silky smooth, no shedding, block of pure muscle.  My nickname for him was "Little Cinder Block" because he was grey and almost a perfect rectangle of pure muscle waddling around the house and barking at airplanes.  No airplane was going to intimidate Waldo.


We are thankful for the many many years that we got to spend with Waldo and all of the trips he happily took with us.  He loved riding in the car, even if he couldn't see out the window.  We are grateful for all of his vets for trying so hard to figure out his mysterious ailments over the years and for successfully giving him so many years with his family.


Hug your pets tight today.


All the best, The Lile Family