On Your Lot!

On Your Lot!

We just wanted to remind everyone that Morningstar Homes is one of the leading "on your lot" custom home builders. Now, what happens if you want to build with us and don't own a lot? Not to worry, we will help you find a lot! We are constantly on the lookout for available lots, in the areas that we build, so we can pass this information on to our clients. We will gladly look at any lots that you may be considering and give you an objective opinion as to the pros and cons of a particular lot so that you can make an educated final decision.

Some of the typical questions we get regarding building on your lot are:

"I don't know about wells and septic systems, can you help me?"

Yes, we are very familiar with the different types of septic systems and have several well companies that we have worked with.

"Can I build/do you build outbuilding or detached workshops?"

Yes, we get asked to do this all the time. As long as your lot will support these structures, we can build them as you build your new home. We generally don't build detached workshops or outbuildings as a standalone project, but will consider them in certain circumstances.

"I want to have a horse farm .... do you know anything about this?"

Yes, we actually do! One of our family members is an accomplished competitive equestrian and she has worked with us on several potential horse farms as a consultant. 

"I want to live 'off the grid' ... can you help me achieve this?"

Yes, we can help you with this. However, it depends on the location of your lot, your home plan, etc. 

These are certainly not the only questions we get about building on your lot, but we just wanted to showcase some of the areas that seem to be a recurring concern. Reach out to us! We would love to visit with you to discuss your particular needs.

For more information, please contact us online or by phone: 919-227-6659. 

Thanks and have a great day!