We just wanted to remind everyone that Morningstar Homes is one of the leading "on your lot" custom home builders. We just recently started building in a neighborhood, Briar Chapel, where we have a commitment to certain lots, but for the majority of our business, our clients come to us already owning a lot. 

Now, what happens if you want to build with us and don't own a lot? Not to worry, we will help you find a lot! We are constantly on the lookout for available lots, in the areas that we build, so we can pass this information on to our clients. We will gladly look at any lots that you may be considering and give you an objective opinion as to the pros and cons of a particular lot so that you can make an educated final decision. 

For more information, please give us a call at 919-981-0341 (ask for Lynn) or use out contact page link below.