Introducing a New Web Application for our Clients

In an effort to continual improve our communication and services to our clients, we are introducing a new web based application to keep track of selections, options and e-mails. Each customer will be given a log-in user name and password which will allow them to access a "private" site that will have all of their selections. While they are in this private site, not only can they view the selections they have made, but they can see the selections that are either pending a final decision or have not been made at all. They can communicate directly with us about these selections as well as any options that they may be considering.

Since this is a web based application, there will be no need to download any software to your computer. As long as you can access the internet, you will be able to access this site and your selections. You will also be able to access this site from your smartphone. Future releases of this application will include the ability to post photos of the home under construction which we think will be very helpful for our out of town clients. Check back often for more updates regarding this exciting new application!