How do we Measure



Energy Star Certification

  • Morningstar Homes has been building all of it’s homes (all communities) to comply with and be certified to the Energy Star Program
  • Home is inspected and Certified by an independent third party
    • Framing inspection
    • Blower door testing
  • Rating system is the “HERS” system
    • Home Energy Rating System
    • HERS is a national standard
    • Recognized locally by appraisers (homes typically appraise at higher values then homes not certified)
    • Like Golf, the lower the HERS score the better
      • 70 or lower is our target goal on all homes
      • This score means that this home can be 30% more efficient then a NEW HOME  that just meets the minimum building code insulation and construction standards
      • This score means that this home can be potentially 50-60% more efficient than a 10 year old used home

      Green Home Certification

  • Morningstar Homes offers “Green Certification” on any home that a client choses. All homes in the community of Briar Chapel are Green Certified
  • Home is Certified to the NAHB Research Center national Green standards
    • Home is inspected by an independent third party
    • Framing inspection
    • Final inspection
  • Rating system is based on the following:
    • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum


  • While some might argue that customer feedback is not a good measure of your performance, we think it is, quite frankly, the most important measure.


  • We are proud of our performance with our clients and will be happy to introduce you to our past clients and let them share their thoughts with you about our performance


  • We also feel that Peace of Mind is an important component of a high performance home and to that end, we offer a 10 Year limited Structural warranty on all of our homes.