Green Construction

Custom Built. Good for the Environment.

For some time now we have been trying to incorporate more "Green" practices into our homebuilding. In fact, MorningStar homebuilder John Lile obtained his "Certified Green Professional" designation and is currently working on obtaining his "Masters" certification. Justin Lile also has his "CGP" (Certified Green Professional). With the recent interest in green building practices there has been a noticable trend towards more affordable pricing for this technology.

We can offer different levels of "Green" construction from full certification to a hybrid house that incorporates important Green practices. By way of example for the Hybrid house, we just finished a home for a couple that had some rather stout indoor air quality concerns. They didn't require full certification nor did they have the budget for full certification. We sat with them and discussed thier needs in detail and come up with a home that addressed indoor air quality only. How did we do this? We used products in the home that were either low or had no VOC's (volital Organic Compounds) such as the paint, flooring, cabinets, etc. We also adjusted thier Heating and cooling system to add an ERV to allow more fresh air to enter the home. So, if you don't need full Green certification, we can offer a hybrid based on your needs.