Covid-19 Update


We wanted to take a moment and update everyone on how Covid 19 has impacted our business. Homebuilding and General Contracting have been considered "Essential Businesses" by both the Federal Government and the local Government. Our work environment is such that we are, for the most part, away from the general public, therefore potentially at less risk to contract and transfer a virus. With this in mind we have continued to work on our jobsites but are taking the following precautions.

For starters, we have spoken with all of our trade contractors and notified them that work on our jobs is voluntary only. If they feel in the least bit uncomfortable about their safety then we respect that and do not require them to work. For those trades that do elect to work they must follow the guidelines below.

  • - Only one trade contractor company on site at a time.
  • - No more then 10 workers on site at a time (local jurisdictions may have a different number)
  • - All on site workers must maintain a 6' spacing if possible
  • - All workers must practice proper sanitary procedures by cleaning hands and tools between use
  • - Since facemask use is voluntary at this time, we strongly encourage the use of face masks


As for the Morningstar team...we continue to check our job sites daily. We are using masks and gloves when appropriate and using hand sanitizer regularly.

As you might suspect, progress on our homes has slowed down significantly, but we want to make sure that we are doing the right thing and protecting our trade contractors, ourselves and the community. We continue to look to the future and have a home getting ready to come out of permitting and several in design.

Thank you for your patience during these unusual times.

Wash your hands, wear your mask and be safe!