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CoConstruct and Google Duo: Keeping our clients safe during Covid

We often have clients who live out of state while building their new home and it is no problem. We use CoConstruct, which is an online project management system that allows us to communicate digitally with our clients at all times. This has always been essential for our out of town clients to see progress pictures, selection option pictures and to get frequent updates, but it has been a life-saver (literally) during these times of Covid-19. 

In addition, we began using Google Duo and Zoom to have virtual meetings between staff and clients, when necessary.  While not always ideal, it definitely gets the ball rolling and keeps things moving until an in personal meeting can be safely scheduled.  Some in person meetings just have to happen, but the virtual meetings in between allow the in person meetings to be fewer and farther apart.

We've also been fortunate that most of our vendors are happy to leave a sample of stone, tile, etc. at the build site for our clients to view on their own to make some selections. We do the same with paint samples, gutter swatch colors and even sample staining sections of wood flooring to evaluate at different times of the day without being in contact with anyone.  We recently did this a few weeks ago for one of our out of town clients that needed to come to town to finalize their carpet, counter tops and floor stain.  While we could have just sent pictures, the better option was to provide sample stain sections for them to view on their own while they were in town for the other selections.

When this is all over, Covid will have taught everyone a great many things, especially creativity, innovation and how to make it work no matter what.

Stay safe everyone!


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