CEO NEAR DEATH - Just Kidding

Last week John was absent from the job sites due to contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite. Thanks to Justin and the crews everything continued as normal and lots of Doxycycline later, John is on the mend. Ticks and tick bites are nothing new to us since we spend so much time walking uncleared and heavily wooded lots all day, but we also take a lot of preventative measures to keep them at bay and prevent tick related illnesses. Never the less, they still happen from time to time (no one's perfect, right?), so we thought we'd use this incident to pass on our tips for combating ticks when you are walking your own lot or other wooded areas.


1. Always wear closed toe shoes, preferably boots that allow you to tuck your pants into your boots.

2. Buy a bottle or spray of Permethrin from REI or Amazon and soak outer clothing layers in the liquid and allow to air dry. When in wooded areas wear these articles over your regular clothes to repel ticks. We soak a bandanna to tie around our necks and over shirts that we can throw on real quick when we get to a lot. These items stay in our trucks for whenever we need them, but you could just leave them hanging in your laundry room for your next lot walk. You can also spray pants, socks, hats and gear.
Buy it here on Amazon:

3. Before getting back in your car, do your first check for ticks in case there are any on your clothing or arms that you can quickly brush away. Take off your outer layers and shake out any (hopefully dead from the Permethrin) ticks.

4. Once possible, do a very thorough check of yourself for ticks everywhere. Pay particular attention to the band of your socks, waist bands, armpits, shirt collars, between toes and your scalp. Put on new clothes and if you are really concerned (say you saw a tick or two on you) put the used clothes in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes to kill any ticks remaining on your clothes*.

5. Try to spend the rest of your day not feeling like ticks are crawling all over you it's impossible.


We hope you found this helpful and that it helps to remind you to think about ticks when checking on your lot or build project with us. Those stylish bandannas around our necks are more than a great fashion statement!


*This article from American Hunter gave us the dryer tip:

**See also this great article from REI on choosing insect repellent for your all of your outdoor adventures: